Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spirit Filled Painting and Art from the heart

Hello lovelies! I know it's been a while since I've blogged. Life has been the dreaded busy and I've been struggling with my health again, which is just a never ending battle.

BUT while I've been doing the work I needed to do to find peace in my life God put something on my heart that I think is so important for so many artists and something I wanted to share. Many of us start off making art, because we love it, it's a healing process, or you just feel called to do it. Your art comes from this place of bliss and inner peace. And then we start selling our art and all of the sudden people are telling us how we should be, what our art should look like, and what we should do with our time. And it becomes this big huge life burden. You want to take care of yourself and your loved ones with your work, but it becomes this soul sucking thing. And it benefits no one. The more I find myself trying to do what the world wants me to with my work, the sadder and more stressed out I get. And I'm still not making my bills and it makes my illness worse.

Yesterday I spent hours painting on this very large painting for my kids room. It was pure and utter bliss. The paint flowed so freely and I just seem to know what came next. I painted like my heart knew what to do and to me that is the best kind of art. You love the process and the finished product. To me that is the kind of art God is calling me to make. Whether it be paintings of monsters or flowers or a piece about a world issue, He wants it to come from my heart and be healing to my soul. And when I make those paintings and show them to other people the response is always great. They speak to people, they make them happy, or they touch something in them.

As I was struggling today with bills and not feeling well God really spoke to my soul about taking better care of my life, body and soul. It was an eye opening moment when I realized that I'd allowed my painting and creative life to be a burden, rather then the joy it use to be. I put road blocks and pain into my life that not only affect me, but also my kids. And this is not contributing to a happy healthy family life.

So how do we as artists go about getting back to that blissful helpful creative space? The answer to me seemed really so simple and basic it was this just AH-HAH! moment that made me almost laugh. How blind I've been to things right in front of me. Prayer and meditation. See?! So simple. It doesn't cost money. You don't need any special tools. Just an open mind and a willing heart. Sit down in your studio, outside, in your room, on your couch, anyplace you are comfortable and talk to God. Have a spiritual cup of coffee with Him and say hey this is how my week is going. What can I be doing to make things simpler and more peaceful in my household and in my life? What burdens can I release to you, so that when I create all that worldly stuff isn't blocking my spirit. Spend quiet time with Him just letting your spirit be renewed and the stress melt away.

I'm challenging myself and others to set ourselves up for a life full of hope and happiness. And our Coach and Team Leader, God really wants us to succeed. I don't know where God is going to take this, but I'm exciting to see what can come of letting go and learning to really dig in and living a spirit filled well rounded creative life. I'm going to be doing posts on here with encouragement and thoughts to share with all of you and I'd love to hear what is going on with you guys and how prayer has helped open up those dry stressful creative spots and caused them to bloom into juicy joyful art to share with the world.

Today I'm going to leave you with some thoughts from Psalm 18: 7-9. "The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I will look in triumph on my enemies. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord then to trust in princes."

This is the verses God put on my heart today that really reminded me that God is always faithful, but sometimes we are the ones standing in the way of the lives we desire. So it's time to be prayerful creative warriors and go into battle to create the lives we desire. A life of creative joy and peaceful presence in the every day moments. God didn't say he would give us a life without hardship and struggle, but he did promise us a life of hope, happiness, and love. Why don't we start finding that in our creative lives today?


Dana L said...

Well said! I'm in this!

Russty said...

Yay, Dana! I'm glad this spoke to you. We're going to have a great time making some fun art! <3

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